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Pet Fire Safety Day

Bad News: House fires are the most common disaster that the American Red Cross responds to.

Good News: House fires are usually preventable.

Here are a few ways you can prevent your pet from starting a house fire:

  1. Don't let your pet around open flames. Pets are curious by nature. Don't allow them to be in areas unsupervised around open flames. Place lit candles out of pet reach and use a safety gate/fireplace screen around fireplaces. Alternative: use wax melts and flameless candles.

  2. Remove Burner Knobs OR check the user-manual for your oven to discover a hidden childproof gas lock feature. Stoves are the main cause for pet-caused house fires.

  3. Secure your pets. Keep pets safely confined in crates away from any potentially flammable objects while you are away from home.

  4. Invest in monitored smoke detectors. Many security companies offer C02 detector installation that will automatically dispatch the Fire Department if C02 levels rise. These are installed at Scout's Honor!

  5. Include your pet in your emergency plan. Practice evacuating your home with your animals. Training a reliable recall will help you and your pet evacuate safely.

How to help firefighters:

  1. Keep pets close to the entrances/exits of your home.

  2. Place a pet fire safety sticker in the front window of your home that tells firefighters how many and what types of pets they should search for.



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