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hygiene & wellness

90% of dog breeds do not require haircuts but 100% of dogs have basic hygiene requirements like bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, nail trimming, & tooth brushing to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

your dog feels good

when your dog looks GOOD


67 % of dog parents know that regular grooming plays an important role in your dog's health but only 37% regularly take their dog to a grooming salon. 

Did you know?

80% of dogs over the age of three have active dental diseases. 

21% of dogs suffer from a skin conditions. 

Over-grown nails causes pain and discomfort for your dog and can have lasting effects on their body and how they walk, run and stand, including arthritis.  

Learn about why your dog should get groomed, how often they should get groomed, and what Fear Free grooming services are offered at Scout's Honor to support your dog's general wellness.  

  • Are reservations required?
    Yes! 50% of our daily capacity is reserved for Pack Members. If Pack Members do not claim their spaces, waitlisted reservations are approved by 12pm the day prior. View daily capacity on our calendar. 4-6 weeks advance notice recommended during Peak Dates. View Peak Dates on our calendar.
  • Can I schedule a tour?
    Yes! Schedule a tour by visiting
  • How do I create an account?
    Create an account by tapping Book Now at the top of our website.
  • How do I upload vaccination records?
    Upload vaccination records under "files" through the customer portal.
  • How do I schedule a reservation?
    Existing client? Tap Log In at the top of our website. New client? Follow these steps: Tap Book Now at the top of our website Create account Fill out an animal form(s) with information relevant to us caring for your pet(s) Upload vaccination records under "files" If you are having trouble uploading records or requesting a service after creating an account, please contact
  • How do I add additional services on existing reservations?
    Text us at (833)-765-1855 or e-mail to add enrichments, photobooths, and spa services to an existing reservation.
  • What should I bring for my dog’s Overnight Camp?
    Food: Ensure your dog has enough food for the stay plus an additional 2-3 days in case of travel emergency Do not pack excess food in large unsealed bag Medication: Ensure your dog has enough medication for the stay plus an additional 2-3 days in case of travel emergency Fill out the medication form under your animal's profile through our customer portal. Personal Items Permitted: Beds Blankets Chews Toys Personal Items Restricted: Bowls (unless dog requires specific bowl to eat) Excess food in in large unsealed bag (only pack food for stay + additional 2-3 days in case of travel emergency) All personal items are cleaned and sanitized daily. Items will be removed from their cabin for the safety of the pet if the pet displays destructive behaviors. Scout’s Honor is not liable for items left with us.
  • What if I need to extend my boarding stay unexpectedly?
    Contact us via e-mail live chat on our website, text 833-765-1855 soon as possible to make accommodation modifications.
  • What are Peak Dates?
    Peak Dates carry an additional $15/night fee for all facility overnight services to support additional labor for high-volume occupancy. Peak Dates are based off of: IU/MCCSC's calendars Average capacity over previous years View our calendar for a full list of all Peak Dates through summer 2024. Camp 72hr notice for reservations cancellations & modifications for all reservations required to avoid charges University 1 week notice for reservations cancellations & modifications for all reservations required to avoid charges
  • What is a TNC Crate?
    A TNC crate is a custom indestructible crate designed for destructive dogs or dogs with high anxiety. During peak boarding time if cabins are full, we may ask if you are comfortable with your dog boarding in a TNC crate. Your dog would be in the crate only during meals and nighttime. We own 2 XL & 2 L TNC crates. For more information on TNC crates including their exact dimensions, visit
  • When are drop-off and pick-up hours?
    Open for drop-off and pick-up seven days per week between 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm. Closed to public on Thanksgiving & Christmas.
  • How often should my dog get their ears cleaned?
    sample text
  • What type of training do you do?
    We offer Fear Free positive reinforcement, meaning
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