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Introduction and mastery of off-leash reliability. 

Preparing your dog for the AKC Urban CGC exam. 
The AKC Urban CGC requires that the dog demonstrate CGC skills and beyond in a setting that
includes traffic, crowds, noises, smells and other distractions that are present in a city or town.
As with Canine Good Citizen, AKC Urban CGC is a 10-step test of skills that dogs must pass to
earn the official AKC Urban CGC title.

Hybrid School


Hybrid School is divided into six levels. Your pup will be placed into their starting level after a
Training Evaluation (On Sale for $15 through 1/31/23) with Scout’s Honor owner and trainer Kristen Perrus. Your dog will progress at their own pace (and yours) through Scout’s Honor University as they accomplish and master specific skills in each level. Enrollment in Scout’s Honor University does not require a commitment to complete each level. Owners and dogs may start and stop as they please to accomplish their training goals.

Each level will have have a bi-weekly group class (starting February 2023) for you to learn and practice alongside your pooch. Enrollment in Hybrid School and/or Pack Membership grants access to an exclusive Facebook group (coming January 2023) with instructional handouts, videos, and an opportunity to ask a trainer for advice!

Hybrid school is a combination of Hybrid Camp and Day School Training. In between working with a trainer towards personalized training goals hybrid school students will be participate in enrichment activities such as agility, fetch, scent work, structured group play and more. Hybrid school is offered as a day training program and a board-and-train program Monday-Friday (expanding to 7 days per week spring 2023).


  • Creating a positive relationship with the crate

  • Introduction to loose leash walking

  • Teaching basic obedience commands (sit, down, place) while promoting duration and reliability



  • Positive introductions to new training tools and grooming equipment

  • Mastering loose leash walking in a neutral environment 

  • Validating and reinforcing commands taught in Freshman class around higher distraction environments

  • Introducing recall



  • Mastering loose leash walking in high distraction areas 

  • Mastering recall in high distraction areas (downtown, restaurants, parks, pet stores, etc)

  • Mastering basic obedience commands 

  • Meeting humans and dogs politely on leash



  • Refresher course designed to prepare and test your dog for the American Kennel Club Canine

  • Good Citizen (AKC CGC) exam. 

  • Canine Good Citizen is a 10 set skill test that teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners.

  • Mastering recall


Hybrid School $75/day
Hybrid Boarding School $100/night

Hybrid School Packages - SAVE up to 15% through 1/31
$355 - 5 Day
$700 - 10 Day
$2100 - 30 Day

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