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Keeping Dogs Safe During The Eclipse

The solar eclipse is fast approaching! This upcoming Monday, April 8th, 2024, will bring a stunning celestial spectacle and, from what we’ve heard, lots of extra people to town. In anticipation, we want to remind you that we will be closed for Daycare and Training services on the 8th. However, staff will be present during our normal hours to care for a few campers who will be boarding with us. Additionally, we want to provide guidance and address some questions we've received regarding the eclipse and its potential impact on our beloved dogs. Keep reading for those answers and some useful eclipse tips!

Will my dog act differently during the eclipse?

It's unlikely that the eclipse will affect your dog's behavior. They are more likely to react to changes in their environment or their owner's behavior, which could result from eclipse-related events or festivities.

Does my dog need eclipse glasses?

Dogs instinctively avoid looking directly at the sun but may follow where people around them are looking or pointing. The safest measure for your dog's eye protection is to keep them inside during the eclipse. If they must be outside, try to distract them with a toy to keep their attention downward. Do not force your dog to look at the eclipse, as they won't understand it, and trying to position their head could be perceived as confrontational.

Can I bring my dog to eclipse viewing events?

Many eclipse events happening throughout the weekend and up to the eclipse itself will be dog-friendly. While creating special memories with our pups is important, their comfort and safety should always come first. If considering attending eclipse events with your dog, think about:- Whether your dog will enjoy the environment, considering the crowds, other dogs, and noise.- Bring extra water, poop bags, and treats to help them stay comfortable. Ensure your microchip information is up-to-date with your latest contact info. Inspect your leash and collar for potential weak points and ensure your dog's rabies tag and identifying info are legible.- If your dog gets lost in the event, traffic may hinder your search efforts. Report your lost pet to Bloomington Animal Care and Control and follow more advice here:

What else can I do to prepare for a busy and exciting weekend with my dog?

Ensure your dog has plenty of food and required medications. Having a basic first aid kit at home for any potential accidents is a good idea, as travel may be difficult on eclipse day, and most veterinary offices will be closed.If hosting people for eclipse celebrations, ensure your dog has a comfortable and safe space to rest when needed. Check any barriers or gates to ensure safety and prevent potential escapes.

What is Scout's Honor doing to protect dogs in their care during the eclipse?

We are closed for drop-off and pick-up on April 8th. We will have a small staff working to take care of our boarding dogs. Dogs will remain inside the entire day with the exception of outdoor potty breaks. It is everyday standard operating procedure that when dogs are under Scout's Honor care and are outside of the facility they wear two leashes: one leash attached to a staff member's treat pouch, one leash attached to a collar with a tracking device. If staff want to view the eclipse dogs will be placed in individual cabins for 5-10 minutes.

Thank you for wanting to keep your dog safe during the eclipse! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to use our website's live chat feature.




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