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Ulti-Mutt Guide to Trimming your Dog's Nails

Kennedy Ferguson, CPACM

Scout's Honor Manager

How often should I get my dog’s nails trimmed?

Dogs need routine nail trims 3-4 weeks apart.

Why is trimming my dog’s nails important?

Long nails cause health problems such as: arthritis, injured tendons, reduced traction, & splayed feet. Long nails are prone to getting snagged and broken putting your dog at risk for bleeding, infection, & pain.

My dog’s nails are still too long even after a nail trim, is there anything I can do?

This is likely due to long quicks inside of the nail. Weekly nail trims will help the quicks recede & allow the dog’s nails to be cut shorter. If your goal is to get your dog’s quicks to recede talk to your pet professional about scheduling frequent nail trims.

What equipment is used for nail trims?

Nail trims are completed with up two pieces of equipment: nail clippers & a dremel. Clippers are used to remove the length of the nail. A dremel is used to round the edges of nails making them smooth.

Where can I get my dog’s nails trimmed?

Most dog daycares, grooming salons, & veterinarian offices offer nail trims.

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My dog doesn’t like having their feet touched, what can I do?

Don’t get discouraged! Desensitizing your dog to having their paws handled may be a slow process depending on your dog’s level of aversion. Practice with small sessions at your dog’s pace. Always leave the training session on a positive note!

How to desensitize your dog to nail trims PHASE 1:

  • Use high value treats to reward every time they allow you to hold their paw.

  • Practice this exercise with ALL paws.

Mastered that? Let’s introduce the tools.

How to desensitize your dog to nail trims PHASE 2:

  • Use high value treats to reward for calmly being around the clippers or dremel while not in use.

  • Turn the dremel on OR open & close the clippers near your dog. Reward them if they stay close.

Mastered that? Let’s use the tools.

How to desensitize your dog to nail trims PHASE 3:

  • Cut a small part of a single nail. Reward your dog for allowing you to do so.

  • Continue to cut the rest of their nails over the next few days to not overwhelm them by a full-trim at once.

Are there other options for nail trims besides nail clippers or dremels?

Scratch pads are a good alternative to traditional nail trimming for dogs who have an adverse reaction to it. Scratch pads act like a nail file. After proper introduction and training, you can allow the dog to trim their own nails by scratching along the pad to file nails down.

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