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What's your pup's dental routine?

Kennedy Ferguson, CPACM

Scout's Honor Manager

Why is dental care important for dogs?

Periodontal disease is the most common dental condition in dogs. If untreated, periodontal disease can cause pain & severe organ malfunction.

Common toys & treats to avoid

Avoid: Hard chews (antlers, rawhide, etc)

Why: If you can’t indent a chew with your fingernail, it is too hard for your dog’s teeth. Antlers and other hard chews can cause teeth fractures.

Alternative: Dental Chews, Pork Chomps, & Tracheas.

Avoid: Tennis Balls

Why: The outside of the tennis ball is abrasive. It causes wear of your dog’s teeth overtime.

Alternative: Chuck It balls, Jolly Balls, & Pet-Friendly tennis balls

How do I take care of my dog’s teeth?

  • Add dental powder meals.

  • Add dental additive to water.

  • Brush with soft bristles & an enzymatic toothpaste for at-home brushing 3x per week.

  • Give daily dental chews

  • Routine dental cleanings at their vet

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