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Training Evaluations: What are they, why are they important?

Kristen Perrus, CPDT-KA

In honor of Train Your Dog Month, training evaluations through Scout’s Honor University is 40% off through the month of January. When signing up for one, you could begin to wonder what they are all about and what to expect!

Training evaluations occur during your dog’s regularly scheduled day of Camp, whether that is Day, Solo or Hybrid. Your certified trainer will collect your dog from the program and assess your dog’s current training level. They will run them through the different commands, such as sit, down, come, place and heel and see how they respond in low distraction environments and then higher distractions. If there was an additional behavior that you added to your training form that you wanted your trainer to work on, they will also see how your dog responds to this new command and begin to shape it, giving realistic expectations on how fast or slow your dog may pick up on it.

Your daily report card will outline exactly what your trainer did with your dog during their evaluation, with how they did and provide you with a link to schedule your free consultation phone call with the trainer where you can discuss how the training evaluation went in detail and how they align with your goals, seeing what programs fits you and your dog best and how to move forward. From there, your trainer will recommend a program, the frequency in which they feel you will get the best results and allow you time to decide!

All training evaluations are scheduled with no commitments as you get to know your trainers and the style of training. This gives both you and your trainer the freedom to ensure that this is the right path of training for both you and your dog.

If there are any behaviors during your training evaluation that your trainer feels Scout’s Honor University is not capable of handling, they will recommend you to a local trainer, when applicable, to ensure that you will always be on the right path for training.



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