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National Train Your Dog Month Promotions

We're celebrating the Association of Professional Dog Trainer's National Dog Training Month with Scout's Honor University promotions. Stay tuned to our social media and blog for Fear Free, LIMA, and Positive Reinforcement dog training tips this month!

Training Evaluations: 40% Off

Thinking about training your pup but not sure where to start? Book a training evaluation with Scout’s Honor owner and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) Kristen Perrus. Your pup's evaluation will be during regular business hours and a phone call will be scheduled to follow-up!

Hybrid School Sale

  • Packages are 5% off through the customer portal

  • All Packages purchased in the month of January come with one free private lesson ($80 value!)

Pack Member Exclusive Sale:

Contact customer service to redeem savings

  1. Bronze & Silver: 10% off Hybrid School Packages

  2. Gold: 15% off Hybrid School Packages



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