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Do you want to spend 8 hours at a party?

We don't want to spend eight hours at a party. Our dogs don't want to spend eight hours at a party. Experiencing boredom and social fatigue is natural and does not make a person bad, and likewise does not make dogs bad.

"20 minutes of just sniffing through the ball pit, snuffle mats, is equivalent to an hour long walk. It's huge for dogs just to be able to tap into their natural instinct of scavenging and foraging." -Kristen Perrus, CPDT-KSA & Scout's Honor owner

Learn why enrichment daycare benefits your dog's physical AND mental skills fulfilling their basic needs with Scout's Honor owners Allison and Kristen on the new Unleashed Podcast for pet owners. Unleashed is a pet care paradise outside of Madison, Wisconsin that is launching Dog Daycare 2.0 and modeling their enrichment program after the international multi-award winning program at Scout's Honor.

"What is best for the dogs: that seems to be where the industry is going. We're no longer focusing on putting as many dogs in a room as possible with as few people as possible. We're focusing on engaging and interacting with the dogs; ensuring they have the most fulfilling day possible so when they go home they're not just exhausted, they're tired from thinking and working all day like dogs should do." -Allison Jacobs, Scout's Honor President & Owner

Has your dog enrolled in enrichment at Scout's Honor yet? If not, your dog may receive a special introduction to enrichment offer delivered to your inbox later this week. Ensure you get the offer.

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