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Changes to Scout's Honor University

Scout's Honor University is growing! To make our Fear Free training school the best it can be we are modifying availability, packages, & pricing.

Beginning 4/1:

  • 5 Day Packages are only available to clients as refreshers after completion of a 10 or 30 day package.

  • Hybrid School is only offered Monday - Thursday. Private lessons are offered on Friday.

Beginning 5/1: Price increase in individual days and packages. The 10 Day Hybrid School package will now come with one private lesson ($80 value). The 30 Day Hybrid School package will come with two private lessons ($160 value)

  • Individual Day of Hybrid School: $85

  • 10 Day Package: $850

  • 30 Day Package: $2235

Accepting new clients. Estimated wait-time is 4-6 weeks.

Scout's Honor University trainers are required to have completed their CCPDT-KA before working in the training department. The CCPDT exam is offered twice per year. We hope to expand our program next spring after our trainer-in-training takes their exam in the fall. Thank you for your patience!



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