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5 Tips on How to Get the Most out of your Private Dog Training Lessons

-Kristen Perrus, Fear Free CPDT-KA

· Know Your Goals

From not jumping up on people to walking nicely next you on a loose leash, come to each lesson knowing you and your pooch’s specific training goals. Identifying your training goals before your lesson will help your trainer build a program designed to help you achieve them.

· Come Prepared

Consistency is key in dog training. Arrive at each lesson with your dog leashed in adequate training hardware previously discussed with your trainer (harness, martingale collar, transitional lead, etc) AND your dog’s favorite treat or toy to positively

motivate them to do their best!

PRO TIP: Scout’s Honor camp counselors don’t only wear fanny packs/treat pouches because they look super cool, they wear them because they can store -a lot- of things. Check out our favorite custom treat pouches at the front desk tomorrow!

· Ask Questions

If there is any point during your lesson that you are confused or not sure on how to proceed, ask for assistance! Your trainer is there to help you learn how to train your dog and you want to make sure that you are asking as many questions as possible, even

asking for demonstrations, as not doing so may have you leaving your lesson more confused than you come in.

· Patience is Key

Learning new skills takes time, and that’s okay! Patience and positivity are the keys to frustration-free dog training. Remember you are learning new skills just like your dog. You will see progress with consistency and determination.

· Homework

Homework is FUN! Between each private lesson you will be given a customized homework plan to improve upon the skills you are building in private lessons. Staying consistent with homework is how you will get the most out of each private lesson.

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  • Your pup's first step to success! Book a training consult with Scout's Honor owner and professional dog trainer, Kristen Perrus. Your consultation will be followed-up with a scheduled phone call.

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Text 833-765-1855 to add a training evaluation to any existing reservation.



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