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The Evaluation Day is your pup's first day coming in to Day Camp or Solo Camp. Our highly trained and Pet CPR certified staff will evaluate your dog's temperament for either structured group play or an enrichment filled day of Solo Camp. 


Each dog receives a digital daily report card texted and/or e-mailed to you from their camp counselors detailing their activities, friends, and play style throughout the day with pictures and/or videos attached.





Off-hours or late pickup available upon request for a $15 service fee from 6am-8pm. Closed for drop-off & pick-up on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. 

Day Camp 2.0

Scout's Honor is offers Bloomington's only Dog Daycare 2.0 Program. Every hour your dog will participate in pack enrichment activities such as agility, bubbles, gate manners, and pawsitive training exercises teaching/reinforcing "sit, place, and watch" commands. In between pack enrichment activities your pooch will have supervised and structured group play in a group of no more than 15 dogs to 1 human. Our group play day camp is structured led by our highly trained & Pet CPR certified camp counselors.


1 Day: $40

5 Day: $190

10 Day: $370

30 Day: $1050

Solo Camp

For the people pooch. Solo camp is non-group play day camp for the dog who would prefer one-on-one time with a camp counselor doing enrichment activities. a day such as agility, ball pit, fetch, treadmill, social sessions with small groups of neutral dogs, splash pool (seasonal), or off-campus walks and hikes for an additional fee. In between enrichments your pup will unwind in their own luxury cabin equipped with a Kuranda cot and a Smart TV. Three enrichments are included. Up to two additional enrichment activities can be added for a additional fees. 


1 Day: $65

5 Day: $310

10 Day: $610

30 Day: $1800

Hybrid Camp

The best of both day camp and solo camp is hybrid camp. Hybrid Camp, Dog Daycare 3.0, incorporates a half day of Day Camp 2.0 and Solo Camp. Hybrid camp is designed for dogs with high IQs needing more mental stimulation through one-on-one agility, fetch, puzzle, slat mill enrichments and more. It is also perfect for puppies building new skills and dogs that need help building their confidence.  


1 Day: $55

5 Day: $260

10 Day: $510

30 Day: $1500


Capacity is limited daily. Please make reservations 1-2 weeks in advance during IU/MCCSC non-peak travel times and 6-8 weeks in advance during IU/MCCSC peak travel times. 


Accepting new clients via waitlist only. Estimated wait time is 1-2 weeks.

Agility - $16

Ball Pit - $16

Fetch - $16

Photobooths - $20

Puzzles - $16

Treadmill - $16

Splash Pool & Pad (Seasonal) - $20

Off-Campus 30 minute walk - $18

Off-Campus (at cascades) 60 minute hike - $45

Pawsome add-ons

Yummy snacks

Bullystick $7

Kong of the Month $5

Pig Ear $5 

Pupcream Cone $5

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